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The English to Spanish Translator provides an instant translation of words, phrases and texts in more than 100 languages, looks up the English words in the dictionary, converts text into voice, and performs many other language tasks.

The Translator integrates various language tools into one comprehensive service: Online translator, Dictionary, Text to Speech, Virtual keyboard, Spellchecker, Russian Decoder and Transliteration, Back translation.

To translate, enter text in English language to the original text window, select Spanish target language, choose the translation provider, and click Translate.

Whenever you need a translation tool to communicate with friends or business partners in English language, travel abroad, or learn languages, this multitasking online Translator is always here to assist you.

Besides the translation service, the integrated text to speech tool offers a reliable, natural sounding reader that speaks out loud in a variety of languages: Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Taiwanese, Dutch, English British, English American, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Spanish European, Spanish American.

For Webmaster: We have created a series of widgets for Webmasters, which offer translation and text-to-speech solutions for your website. These useful tools have been designed for websites owners who wish to enhance the websites capabilities to support communication in foreign languages or to support essential educational and language leaning needs.